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Katie Holmes was spotted leaving the studio today, and though the actress wouldn't comment on Star Magazine issuing an apology for printing a cover story suggesting she was a drug addict, she certainly seemed relieved to be done with the whole ordeal!

After the magazine featured a tired-looking Holmes on their January 31 cover with the headline "Katie Drug Shocker," she filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit against the tabloid, claiming their headline was "untrue, unethical and unlawful."

Inside the pages of their latest issue, Star writes, "In a recent issue of Star, we published headlines about Katie Holmes that oculd be read to suggest that she was addicted to drugs. Star did not intend to suggest that Ms. Holmes was a drug addict or was undergoing treatment for a drug addiction. Star apologizes to Ms. Holmes for any misperception and will be making a substantial donation to charity on Ms. Holmes' behalf for any harm that we may have caused." Katie released her own statement today, saying, “I’m pleased that this lawsuit could be resolved amicably and accept American Media’s apology.”