Perhaps the best manicured woman in Hollywood, Kim Kardashian opened up recently about her obsession with hair removal.

The 30-year-old reality star admits she used to wax her forehead to get rid of the "baby hairs" at the edge of her hairline:

    "If you look at pictures of me from even three years ago, I had like two inches of baby hairs on my forehead. But they weren't thick enough to slick back, so they were permanently down and I would wax them all the time and now I lasered them and now they don't come back."

And that's not the only area she had waxed -- Kim has had her bikini lined taken care of since she was twelve!

    "Literally, at twelve years old I had a bikini wax. I had an appointment once a month on a specific day, like every Friday we'd go and and get the inside of our brows waxed and a bikini wax," Kim said on the Rachel Ray show where she was promoting the TRIA Laser Hair Removal System.

Kim says, "I'm, like, obsessed with hair removal." I guess so! Read on to hear what kind of manscaping she likes ...