ladygagablue230WMnew.jpgLady Gaga will premiere her latest video for her new single "Judas" on American Idol next week.

Interscope Records confirmed the news on their official Twitter account.

Creative director Laurieann Gibson said the following about the video:

    "It's a phenomenal video: really powerful, really impactful. She's such a strong, committed artist. Her loyalty to me is something I will be forever grateful for. We're spiritually connected. We need each other ... and 'Judas' is ultimately a representation of our true bond."

In the video, Lady G will play Mary Magdalene and Norman Reedus is the character of Judas.

Gibson adds:

    "I will tell you now, first off, I'm Christian, and my career is evidence of God in my life. And I think that most people are already thinking that Gaga and the blasphemy and they're premeditating the approach, and I think they'll be very shocked to find out how huge and really groundbreaking the message is and how freeing the message is for all the right reasons. And it's really going to shock the world."

Find out when Gaga will be performing "Judas" live on TV ... after the jump.