SUNGLASSES headphones blonde lohan lax airport scarf SUNGLASSES headphones blonde lohan lax airport scarf

Welcome home, Lindsay! We've missed you.

The 24-year-old starlet arrived at LAX after a lengthy stay with her family on the East Coast. Lilo's trip to New York was filled with plenty of drama. In addition to taking a tumble after leaving a NY club last week, Lindsay's chauffeur was questioned by police early Monday morning after a car containing her entourage collided with a photographer's vehicle upon leaving New York hotstpot Lavo. Never a dull moment.

Looks like Lindsay stayed occupied on the plane listening to tunes on her big red headphones. Not sure about the high ponytail, but hey, when travelling ... you gotta be comfy!

Lilo's friend Lady Victoria Hervey was right beside her at the airport. These two have been BFFs through thick and thin. Let's hope our girl stays out of trouble until her preliminary hearing date in front of Judge Stephanie Sautner on April 22.