natblackswan230.jpgNatalie Portman chatted with E! News to promote her new flick Your Highness, and the Oscar winner finally addressed the controversy surrounding her dancing in Black Swan. Well, sort of.

When asked about the comments body double/ballerina Sarah Lane made regarding Portman's involvement with the film's difficult dance scenes, she said, "I had a chance to make something beautiful with this film and I don't want to give in to the gossip." So why didn't she thank Lane (and co-star Mila Kunis) in her Best Actress Oscar acceptance speech? "I don't remember my Oscar speech at all," she said. "And I'm actually too embarrassed to watch it."

Portman's fiance and co-star, Benjamin Millepied, initially spoke out about the choreography in question and told the LA Times, "There are articles now talking about her dance double [Lane] that are making it sound like [Lane] did a lot of the work, but really, she just did the footwork, and the fouettes, and one diagonal [phrase] in the studio. Honestly, 85 percent of that movie is Natalie." However, after that Lane claimed that the majority of the dancing was performed by professionals, noting that Portman only did 5% of the footwork. The film's director Darren Aronofsky and Portman's co-star Mila Kunis quickly spoke out to defend her, and this is the first time she's made a comment about the issue.