paulaxfactorjudge.jpgSimon Cowell has finally rounded out the judges' table for the American version of X Factor with ex-American Idol judge Paula Abdul!

Paula will be joining Cowell, super-producer L.A. Reid and Brit pop-star Cheryl Cole when the show premieres on Fox this fall.

"I've always wanted Paula. Always been very vocal about that. I missed her the second she left [American Idol]," Cowell, told Deadline. "Always loved working with her even though she can be a pain. . .I don't know what it is about her, but I've always clicked with her. You just have to get that chemistry, and she's right. I've never found anyone better than her."

Additionally, Cowell confirmed that Cheryl Cole, who was a hit as a judge on the British version of the show, will be judging the U.S. version.

"I thought she was bright, cute, knew what she was talking about, ambitious. And you meet someone special a few times in your life, and this girl is special," Simon said. "If people take to her like the British public did, I think she's going to do really well in America. And Fox was desperate to hire her."

So Jessica Simpson didn't make the cut. At least she has her billion dollar apparel business to fall back on!