Kate Middleton's maid of honor and younger sister, Pippa, wore white for the royal wedding today.

Were you as confused as us? Isn't wearing white at someone else's wedding a total fashion faux pas?

Turns out, British traditions are different than American ones. An old superstition says that bridesmaids and groomsmen should dress similarly to the bride and groom to ward off evil spirits.

And Brits have set traditions with white at weddings in more ways than one; Queen Victoria was the one who first popularized wearing a white wedding dress when she got married in 1840.

Before that, brides just wore their best dress for the ceremony.

So, we have her to thank for the pricey gowns and endless hours of shopping and flipping through Modern Bride. Thanks, Queen. If it weren't for you, we could have just gone to Forever21.

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