EIglesias07.jpgIt's official!

X17online broke the news last week Anna Kournikova is gearing up to join the Biggest Loser as a full-time coach, and it was finally revealed on last night's season finale -- along with the BL season 11 winner, Olivia Ward!

But the sexy tennis star isn't new to Biggest Loser, she made an appearance at the Ranch in 2010, where she coached contestants in a tennis-themed challenge. The producers loved her so much, they offered her a full-time gig!

Kournikova is taking over for trainer Jillian Michaels, who is leaving the show to focus on starting a family. After the announcement, A.K. expressed:

    "Mind is a powerful thing. You can make things happen if you want them bad enough. I know all about discipline, strength and conditioning, commitment. This is my chance to give back -- the opportunity of a lifetime -- and a way to teach the contestants everything I know."

Welcome to LA Anna!

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