Palin230No2.jpgIn bizarre news of the day, Bristol Palin will star in a new reality show with fellow Dancing With The Stars contestant Kyle Massey and his brother.

Palin, 20, and her son Tripp, 2, will live with Massey, 19, and his brother Chris, 21, in Los Angeles. The show will follow Palin as she moves from Alaska to LA and starts working for a charity. It's scheduled to air later this year in half-hour episodes on the BIO (Biography) channel.

So, why is BIO interested in Bristol? The network's Executive Vice President of Programming says, "Bristol is the kind of personality BIO is drawn to." ... OK. He also said that Bristol and the Massey brothers are "best friends" and that she will be opening up about her real life for "the first time." Other than, you know, the memoir she's publishing in June.

Bristol made an appearance in New York City last week, and the media has since been abuzz with speculation that she might have had plastic surgery. Get the details and more info on the show after the jump.