love0427.jpgNot the most shocking news we've heard, but interesting nonetheless.

Courtney Love gave a revealing interview on The Fix, and the Hole singer claims she shot up heroin at a mid-90s bash at Charlie Sheen's mansion, back in the day.

Loved revealed of the day she was taken to a drug-infused Sheen party:

    "A Hollywood-connected beau took me to this star-studded party at Charlie Sheen's house in Malibu. Tom Cruise was there, and Madonna ... [singer Jennifer Linch] convinced me to shoot up. 'Come on, everyone's doing it.' So that's when my whole heroin drama began."

Kurt Cobain's widow says she finally quit heroin in 1996, "except for one incident in July 2005, where I shot myself up on purpose to kill myself," she explains. Apparently the singer threatened to jump off singer Lenny Kravitz's roof, until NYPD arrived on the scene. Whew!

Now Love says she's totally drug-free, "more or less", but she still has a glass of rose every now and again.

Find out what advice Love has for Lady Gaga, after the jump ...