Sexy Aussie Kym Johnson might just be one of the best things to happen to Dancing With the Stars, and it's not hard to see why!

The pro dancer (and DWTS season 12 finalist!) leant her perfect 'bod to a photo shoot for Esquire magazine, and we're betting a lot more men will tune in to DWTS after seeing these sexy shots!

Johnson revealed to the mag on having pro athlete Hines Ward as her partner this year: "Having an athlete is always the best because they're very agile and know what it takes to be in a competition. They're the best celebrities that you can really hope for. Hines, especially — he's so light on his feet."

They make such a great team!

The DWTS regular had to don a neck brace this season because she sustained a pretty serious injury while practicing with Hines.

Kym expressed: "This season's was really the scariest injury that I've ever encountered — falling on my neck. I'm very lucky to have escaped with what I did. I kind of fell just the right way to miss breaking my neck, and these last couple of weeks have been quite crazy with therapy and stuff. I feel like a football player at the moment."

Check out the rest of Kym's sexy shots for Esquire, and the video of her fall, after the jump ...