trump050911_01_X1723%29WM.jpgDonald Trump may be close to announcing his bid to run for President, but regardless, Celebrity Apprentice will go on ... but there's a possibility The Donald may be M.I.A.

NBC tells THR:

    "It's such a strong franchise, not to minimize his presence in it because we love him, but I really do think it's all about the casting of that show and the challenges."

As for whether Trump is serious about running for office, the mogul told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, "I don't need pollsters. You know what my poll is? It's my brain. My poll is my brain."

The Apprentice finale is scheduled to air next week. If Trump does leave the show, his son Donald Jr. or daughter Ivanka, would reportedly be able to step in.

Find out what Trump's political advisor had to say about The Donald running for office ... after the jump.