Eva Longoria black sunglasses

Eva Longoria got ALLLLL did up for a book signing of her new cookbook Eva's Kitchen at Williams-Sonoma in Beverly Hills. And the somewhat over-the-top dress and Christian Louboutin peep-toe heels made us think a nice blouse and jeans might have been more appropriate ... with maybe an apron on top?

I mean Gwyneth looks great when she cooks, but she never goes this far!

And not only did Eva get dressed to the nines for her PR engagement, she also skipped over ALL her fans waiting in front of the store hoping for photos and autographs! There were velvet ropes and fans waiting, cameras in hand, at the front door to Williams-Sonoma but Eva went in the back door!!! I guess Ms. Longoria doesn't wanna give it away ... she wants fans to buy her book!

The recipe compilation is priced at $17.44 on Amazon.com and the site describes it like this:

Having grown up on a ranch with every meal based on what was in the family fields, Eva believes, like so many of us, that good cooking relies on local, fresh, easy-to-find ingredients. In Eva’s Kitchen, she teaches readers essential cooking skills and she sprinkles in the histories and traditions behind her favorite dishes, including personal stories and anecdotes that capture the warmth, humor, and joy of her most memorable meals.