elilly051610_05_birth.jpgLost alum Evangelina Lilly, 31, gave birth to a baby boy. It is the first child for Lilly and boyfriend Norman Kali who worked as a production assistant on the hit ABC show.

The actress recently told New York Magazine she was happy to take time off from the busy production schedule of a weekly show: "This show is all-encompassing. We have had very little experience outside of the show during the last six years because it's just so demanding; it requires so much of us. So, it's exciting to have your freedom back, essentially."

Lilly dated costar Dominic Monghan from 2004- 2009. Though she has enjoyed popular and critical success as an actress, even receiving a Golden Globe nomination for her role on the popular drama, Lilly said acting is not her dream job: "'I'm definitely planning on taking a break for a little while," she said. "I consider acting a day job -- it's not my dream; it's not my be-all, end-all."