During Jessica Alba's appearance on The Ellen DeGenres Show airing Friday, May 19, Ellen takes a stab at guessing the sex of Jessica Alba's baby, while the Hollywood actress explains hypno-birthing.

The spunky host asks Alba if she's having a boy again, while the 29-year-old coyly responds with "I don't know?" Ellen reminds Alba she guessed her first child was going to be a girl -- and she was right.

This time, Ellen thinks it's a boy, which the actress shyly responds with a "we'll see."

Ellen was also curious about Alba's birthing process of choice - hypno-birthing. And this time around, Alba did not hold back and fully disclosed the details!

    "It's basically my husband takes me through sort of a meditation. So, he's like saying, you're relaxed and you're floating on clouds while you're going through labor and your contractions. He just sort of does a guided mediation ... it is kind of a way to relax and know that the contraction will only last for so long. You just need to concentrate on the breathing and just the sound of his voice, You know normally I want to strangle him but at that moment it's sort of calming and wonderful."

Well, good to know Cash will be next to Jessica's side helping her through the process of the second birth. Let's just hope there are extra water bottles around in the delivery room -- just in case -- right, Miranda?

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