Bieber230.1.jpgJustin Bieber met with Japanese children in the town of Otsuchi this week; he was there for the last concerts of his world tour.

Otsuchi was severely damaged by the March 11 tsunami. The 17-year-old told the kids:

    "Things can get better and things will get better. There are only good times to come."

Aw, Biebs! His performances in the country were sold out. There had been some debate on whether it was safe for Bieber and his crew to perform in Japan -- they considered canceling the concerts.

But now, the Biebs has gone above and beyond -- not only did he contribute to the charity album Songs for Japan, which has raised more than $5 million for the victims of the disasters, but he also announced via Twitter that he would donate a portion of the proceeds from his concerts to the Japanese Red Cross.

The Biebs, a Tweeter extraordinaire, posted several Tweets from the country, including:

    "when you meet kids like that..with all their strength and courage to move on you realize the important things in life."

    "show day in TOKYO...beyond grateful to be here. thankful to the crew for coming with me.