Years before Kara DioGuardi joined the panel of American Idol judges, she and Paula Abdul scored quite "high" concerning their own personal history.

In an interview on Wednesday's Lopez Tonight, the Grammy-winning songwriter told late-night host George Lopez, while staying at Paula Abdul's house she ate pot-laced brownies in Abdul's fridge, which landed her in ER.

The ex-Idol judge explained the incident:

    "The maid at the time found some brownies in the freezer and put them in the refrigerator ... I hadn't really eaten much that night ... six hours later I was like, 'What's going on?"

DioGuardi goes on, insisting she was unaware the brownies were laced with pot. The former Idol judge claimed she doesn't smoke pot, but consumed at least six of the bite size brownies.

    "I fell out of bed, on the floor ... and the ambulance comes, and this guy is like, 'This b*tch is high as a kite! This b*tch is high as a kite!'"

The 40-year-old spent the next three days on bed rest hallucinating, and was even on an IV. Yikes!

But DioGuardi did not have any resentment toward Abdul, because she claims the brownies weren't Abdul's. It was suspected someone had left them at her home after a party.

And we're sure a huge briefcase of cocaine at Charlie Sheen's house was also left by a past party-goer!

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