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She has a Facebook page dedicated to her "perfect bum", and now Pippa Middleton is taking the fashion world by storm.

The Duchess of Cambridge's vivacious little sister popped in to Starbucks for her morning coffee fix and picked up a few treats at the shop, before meeting her brother James for lunch. The fashion-forward Pip donned a pretty two-tone $59 Zara sundress (it's already sold out online!) with white heels and matching bag, as she glided into her BMW convertible coupe.

Pippa's big sis crashed a fashion retail website Reiss yesterday, after appearing in a gorgeous bandage-style dress to meet President Obama and First Lady Michelle but the youngest Middleton daughter seems to have quite the same effect with her own fashion picks.

We have to admit, Pippa just might be our fave Middleton kid -- sorry Kate!