Prince William and Kate Middleton reportedly landed in the Seychelles Tuesday morning for their 10-day honeymoon excursion, and they're staying on Fregate private island. The Daily Beast broke down just how much this luxury vacay is gonna set back the royals ...

Will and Kate reportedly arrived via private jet, which could easily cost $100,000. The private island resort has 16 villas that cost between $3,800 and $5,700 a night, with the presidential villa at $14,400 a night. If the royals want ultimate privacy by being the only ones on the island, especially for security reasons, they could have spent $800,000 on lodging.

And everywhere they go, Will and Kate need security; such security costs the royal family about $80 million a year in total. For this vacation, including transportation and lodging, it could costs hundreds of thousands of dollars easily.

Each villa has a private pool, Jacuzzi, butler, chef and personal buggy for transportation. Guests can eat all-organic foods prepared by their chefs, or dine from a 60-foot perch in a banyan tree house at one of the resort's two restaurants. So, Will and Kate can check "dine from a 60-foot perch in a banyan tree house" off their bucket lists.

To relax, Kate could enjoy an organic spa treatment, with native pineapple, vanilla bean, coconut milk, and avocado that is picked within two hours of use. Or, Will could join her for a couple’s massage named the “Lanmour Honeymoon” for $865.

Ultimately, the vacation looks like it could easily tally to almost $1 million. So, you know, just about $100,000 a day. That's pretty average for a honeymoon, right?

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