Adele230.jpgBritish singer Adele, who is dominating the charts with "Rolling in the Deep" off of her new album 21, has won two Grammys and is taking the world by storm. But, it seems, that's nothing without love.

Each of Adele's albums is about a relationship. The subject of her first album, 19, has tried to sue her for royalties for the music. The singer doesn't seem to miss him, but she can't get over the lover that inspired 21, she tells Out Magazine.

    "I don't think I'll ever forgive myself for not making my relationship with my ex on 21 work, because he's the love of my life."

Adele said she'd be willing to give up "everything" to get him back.

    " ... my career, my friendships, my hobbies. I would have given up trying to be the best. He was my soul mate. ... We'd finish each other's sentences ... we loved the same things, and hated the same things, and we were brave when the other was brave and weak when the other one was weak ... and I think that's rare when you find the full circle in one person, and I think that's what I'll always be looking for in other men."

We say don't worry, Adele! She's still so young -- only 23, and we'd venture to say that a few years from now, she won't see him as her "soul mate." Here's hoping this talented singer enjoys her success!

Check out her photo shoot with the mag in our gallery below.