Nick Cannon left the hospital Friday after a visit with Mariah and the babies -- twins Moroccan and Monroe -- and X17 has EXCLUSIVE information about the birth and the twins' health.

A source tells X17online Mariah and Nick's twins were two weeks early and needed time in an incubator after the birth by Caesarean section. Moroccan and Monroe have just been taken out of the preemie unit and are now able to stay in a regular crib, in their month's private room.

Mariah, 42, is in the VIP room of a Santa Monica hospital and Nick has been at her side much of the time since the births a week ago.

Our source tells us:

    "Nick is always doting on Mariah and bringing things into the room for her. He always looks happy no matter what the hour, no matter how little sleep he's gotten. This guy is definitely happy to be a dad."

The baby boy and girl are still hooked up to oxygen through nasal tubes but are doing well. We're told:

    "Mariah and Nick's babies aren't experiencing anything abnormal -- most twins are premature. The couple is relaxed and they don't seem worried. Mariah must be resting and taking care of herself after the C-section. She hasn't been out of her room yet."

The family is expected to be in the hospital through the coming week.