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sunglasses shoes Amanda Seyfried shorts CVS shopping sandals strappy sandals

Lookin' good, Amanda!

Sexy Miss Seyfried stepped out in ultra-short shorts as she popped into her local CVS in Hollywood on Monday.

It looks like the Riding Hood star is bringing "pale" back these days, but really, who cares? She looks great, and staying out of the sun to prevent harmful rays is always a fashion do!

Seyfried and Ryan Phillippe broke off their 8-month relationship about two weeks ago, but the gorgeous star may not be totally single just yet.

The actress was spotted with her Mamma Mia costar, Dominic Cooper, shopping at Barney's New York in West Hollywood on Sunday looking very much the cozy couple again! She was also spotted attending his premiere of The Devil's Double in LA ... check out the pics below!

Seyfried and Cooper's romance ended badly, with the actress telling Elle mag, "I got my heart broken pretty hard. After that, it's really hard to open myself up to a new person. Really hard." They were spotted dancing and chatting at one of Harvey Weinstein's parties earlier this year, but Amanda was still with Ryan at the time (though he was nowhere in site...)

Apparently Cooper was involved with someone else when they began dating, but we're certain Seyfried will have no problem finding an unattached man who's crazy for her!

Check out our exclusive video of Amanda at CVS below!