Britney Spears is preparing to hit the stage in Sacramento tomorrow for the kick off of her Femme Fatale tour, and the pop star will certainly be sexing it up on stage.

Extra got a sneak peek at Brit's costumes ... thanks to the designer Zaldy Goco.

When asked about the vibe of the show, Goco explains:

    The real inspiration of course is Britney herself. We’re creating the show for her. But there’s a creative script that was done by the director, Jamie King, and it’s a whole thing about a femme fatale, and femme fatales throughout the ages … she’s sort of changing personas throughout the show.”

From a striptease costume, a shimmering silver outfit, a snake charmer outfit, a Marilyn Monroe-inspired dress, mirrored gold jacket to a kimono featuring a “Japanime Britney” ... Brit is NOT going to disappoint her fans with her fabulous fashion!

We can't wait! Read about Brit's illuminating outfit that will close the show ... after the jump.