camille230.jpgIt may be a difficult summer for the Grammer family.

Camille and Kelsey are having trouble agreeing to a summer custody deal for their two children, Mason, 9 and Jude, 6.

The NYC-based Frasier star filed for primary custody of the kids less than a month ago, and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star just filed her own petition with the same request as her ex-hubby.

In Camille's filings, she stated Kelsey acted in "bad faith" and his petition was executed in order to create "a false impression to the media and to wrongfully disparage" the reality star.

But apparently, the ex Mrs. Grammer has a good reason for keeping the kids in LA; Mason has a month-long camp in the city, and Jude has repeated kindergarten twice, and needs to complete a math class in the state of CA so he can move up to the 1st grade.

Kelsey is asking for sole physical custody of his kids, for at least one full month this summer.