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David Arquette is a snappy dresser 24/7! The sexy actor proved it while running errands in Beverly Hills. We're loving the combination of the purple shirt and pants mixed with a plaid jacket and polka dot bow tie.

After being photographed with estranged wife Courteney Cox at The Roosevelt Hotel on Wednesday night, David was quick to make it clear that he and Court have not rekindled their love affair. Mr. Arquette Tweeted:

    "Although Courteney and I spent Memorial day together as a family and she was so sweet and supportive of me by coming to see David Arquette Presents Beacher's Madhouse last night, we are not back together as a couple but remain family and dear friends."

Great to see David keeping so busy and lookin' so good! See more of the Scream 4 actor working his killer threads ... after the jump.