Lacey Schwimmer is not only a phenomenal dancer on ABC's hit show Dancing With The Stars, but the young performer is now ready to also take on the music charts.

Schwimmer has debuted her first single "Love Soundz." We can't help but notice how heavily synthesized she sounds ... very similar to our girl Britney Spears.

While appearing on KIIS-FM, the DWTS hottie tells Ryan Seacrest:

    "It’s hard not to get it on with all that bumpin’ n’ grindin’ 24/7."

Speaking of DWTS, the show's Mark Ballas was spotted out with Kim Kardashian and fiance Kris Humphries, arousing suspicion that he might be choreographing their first dance at their wedding!

You go, girl! Find out when the song will be released ... after the jump.