EmmaStoneElle2230.jpgRising starlet Emma Stone opened up to Elle magazine about her career, but wouldn't talk about her boyfriend, actor Kieran Culkin.

“You have to keep some things sacred," the actress said. But, she did admit that she hopes celebrity relationships aren't less likely to survive than others.

    “I don’t think that’s true [that celebrity relationships don't work]. Maybe. But there’s a fair amount that do work ... I’m optimistic.”

Stone, 22, might have a boyfriend now, but she says she wasn't always so cute -- saying sarcastically: “I sucked my thumb until I was 11, so I had this expander in. I was a good-looking kid. I never felt, like, dorky. I was just like, ‘Yup, these are my braces. I’ve had them forever.’”

Emma talked about the struggles of Hollywood, saying she doesn't get upset if people don't recognize her ("I mean, I haven't been around very long," she says), and told the mag about a long-ago encounter with Hayden Panettiere! Read her story after the jump.