Thierry Mugler

Ooh la la!

Thierry Mugler has just unveiled the new ads for his ultra-popular Angel fragrance starring Eva Mendes, and the actress looks absolutely luminous!

Mendes is taking over for Naomi Watts, who became the first face of Angel in 2008. Initially Mugler opted not to attach a face to the legendary scent, but after 17 years he had a change of heart.

A company spokesperson for Mugler expressed of the new ads:

    "While Naomi Watts' ethereal beauty embodied the angelic aspect of the fragrance, Thierry Mugler chose to re-ignite the enticing and explosive dimensions of the fragrance with the sultry Mendes though her obviously flawless physical beauty is in perfect harmony with the artist's aesthetic canon, Ms. Mendes mesmerised Mugler with her independence, determination and humor."

The volumptiouse Training Day star has also been featured in Calvin Klein's Secret Obsession perfume ads, which were banned in the US for being too revealing!

Check out Naomi's Angel ad and tell us which one is hotter, after the jump ...