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Kim Kardashian, 30, and fiance Kris Humphries, 26, are on the fast track to getting hitched. They announced their engagement May 25 after only about six months of dating, and in less than a month have done some serious planning.

The two are already registered, and Kim has reportedly been dress shopping.

Speculation is that Kim is trying to squeeze the wedding into this season of E!'s Keeping Up With The Kardashians (the sixth), which premiered June 12 to a ratings drop from Season 5. Season 6 chronicles Kim and Kris' relationship, making a wedding the perfect finish.

X17online caught up with Kim and Kris Thursday in Beverly Hills, where they stopped at 3rd Street Dance Studio and visited a nearby bakery afterward. In our exclusive video below, TV cameras and boom mics are clearly seen. So, Kim and Kris are being filmed.

What do you think? Is it wise of Kim to fast track her nuptials?

Kim and Kris met up with another celeb at the dance studio ... see who it was after the jump!