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Gisele Bundchen model supermodel gym workout tights gray sunglasses ponytail tank to white sneakers bottle water keys

Even after giving birth to baby Benjamin a year and a half ago, the supermodel mom got her body back into tip-top shape almost immediately and she keeps up her fitness regimen religiously -- we caught her at the gym on Friday. Hey, if you made a billion dollars off your bod, you'd do the same!

Well, it's not just the beautiful frame that brings in the bucks, Gisele's a businesswoman too -- Bunchen has a jewelry line and an eco-friendly cosmetics line, and a line of sandals for Grendene and her own lingerie company.

Bundchen also brings in a paycheck as the creative director for fashion retailer C&A's Gisele Bundchen Collection and she plans to sell a stake in her Sejaa Pure Skincare Company, which she founded last year.

If all goes as planned, Gisele should be ringing in the new year as a billionaire!