Hugh Hefner is not one to mope and pine over a lost love, and his Twitter account has been blowing up like crazy to make that perfectly clear.

The Internet is swirling with rumors and buzz about the newly split Hef and ex fiance Crystal Harris. First, Hef is reportedly now dating Crystal's best friend, Anna Sophia Berglund. He Tweeted Monday:

    "Anna is Crystal's best friend & mine as well. She's the one who helped me survive this past week. She's the best."

A few days earlier, he had posted:

    "The one who has been the most supportive is Anna. She didn't see this coming either, & she's Crystal's best friend."

On Sunday, Harris visited Hef. "Crystal came by to see how I've been doing. We remain close friends," he posted. On Monday, he Tweeted that he was "happy to be single."

Now, there's another rumor hitting the Web -- see what it is after the jump (hint: it's pricey!)