Jon Cryer stopped by David Letterman's show Wednesday night and addressed the veritable insanity that has been his former co-star Charlie Sheen over the past few months.

Since Sheengate began, Cryer has only discussed the drama a few times, and usually in response to Charlie's comments (Exhibit A: When Cryer's "friend" Charlie called him a "troll.")

But, the actor was refreshingly lighthearted. Letterman started the interview with, "Boy, you've had an eventful six months, huh?" to which Cryer jokingly replied, "What do you mean?" Perhaps surprisingly, Cryer also said no one expected Sheen to go off the deep end. Cryer said that no actor has had a meltdown like Sheen's before.

    "This has never happened ... Nobody was prepared for this. I did not see it coming. No one saw it coming."

Cryer also commented on whether he still considers Sheen a friend -- see what he said after the jump!