Finally, a look we haven't seen Lady Gaga try yet!

Lady G performed her song "Hair" completely bald on the British talk show The Paul O'Grady Show on Friday. How's that for irony?

Singing on a stage surrounded by smoke and fire, it was probably a good thing Gaga ditched the synthetic hair for this performance!

The Paparazzi singer wrote before going on the show: "Tonight HAUS OF GAGA is taking over Paul O'Grady in the UK! I'm performing 5 songs and a very special performance art piece."

Right after the "art piece" was posted on YouTube, "Bald Gaga" became the trending topic on Twitter.

So we have to ask: Did Gaga really shave her head, or is it just an illusion?

Check out the Lady's full interview on O'Grady before she removes her green wig, after the jump ...