Jack Black bernie premiere screening Jack Black bernie premiere screening

Ye haw!

Sexy Matthew McConaughey donned a cream-colored cowboy hat and a mustache as he escorted beautiful partner/baby mama, Camila Alves, to the 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival Opening Night premiere of his newest film, Bernie, in L.A.

The film, centers on a small town in Texas, where the local mortician (Jack Black) strikes up an odd friendship with a wealthy widow (Shirley Maclaine,) and kills her. He faces justice from a formidable prosecutor (McConaughey.)

This isn’t the first collaboration between McConaughey and Bernie director Richard Linklater. The two famously paired up for 1993′s cult classic, Dazed and Confused and later, The Newton Boys.

Check out our video of the Bernie screening below: