LeAnn Rimes has Tweeted another photo of herself in a bikini, further stirring up questions about her health.

The 28-year-old singer's thin frame has the blogosphere buzzing about whether she's struggling with an eating disorder. But what the Internet calls thin, LeAnn says is "lean." She's Tweeted in recent days:

    "...this is my body and I can promise you I'm a healthy girl. I'm just lean. Thx for your concern but no need to be."

    "I get upset at the judgement of "people" about body image. It's not black and white"

    "I just eat a balanced diet and watch how much 'c***' I put in my body."

X17's fitness expert, Nicole Stuart, weighs in on the controvery over LeAnn's bod -- click here to check it out and let us know your thoughts; does LeAnn look good, or look like she needs a good meal?