"Is your a** jealous of the s*** that comes out of your mouth?"

"You were sleeping with another guy while your fiance was dying."

"She's lying!"

"You are lying!"

"You're the lowest form of s*** there is in the world."

Those are just a few of the choice statements screamed in the preview for The Real Housewives Of Orange County reunion, which airs June 12 at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo. The season finale airs this Sunday.

Since Bravo is promoting the reunion and the season finale hasn't even aired yet, we're guessing that the reunion gets even more volatile than the preview shows!

The trailer even features Vicki Gunvalson's estranged husband, Donn, saying: "I don't think the way this went down was treated with class or dignity." That's more sad than salacious. (This season chronicled their relationship's breakdown.)

Gunvalson was photographed out with a new boyfriend in May.