KimKardashianVeraWangDress230.jpgThe New York Post is reporting that Kim Kardashian asked all of Vera Wang's company staff to sign confidentiality agreements as Kim continues to meet with the designer about her wedding dress.

The two first met in NYC earlier this week. The Post reports that they will meet again next week in LA, and that Wang will be designing two dresses for Kim.

Though Kim is planning her wedding fast -- she and Kris Humphries got engaged in late May and are rumored to be marrying in early August -- she's also working to keep things under wraps. The wedding planning will be depicted on her E! show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and the ceremony will be telecast in a two-hour special, according to several reports.

So, odds are Kim wants to save surprises for her show and the special.

Kim is also rumored to be visiting Humphries' hometown in Minnesota soon to meet his family. ... Isn't meeting the fam for the first time a pre-engagement kind of thing?!