Don't worry, that's NOT a real tattoo!

Apparently there was no one perfect enough over at Entertainment Weekly to conduct Ryan Reynold's interview for the mag, so they asked the man himself to do it!

In this week’s cover story, Why I’m Obsessed with Ryan Reynolds, by Ryan Reynolds, the sexy star of The Green Lantern opens up to himself about everything from his first crush, to his adventurous childhood in Canada.

Reynolds’ reveals on his first crush, "Her name was Finona Gorchinsky and she broke Reynolds’s heart — and nearly his neck — during a school bus ride in the eighth grade".

On his commitment to important environmental issues: “But Reynolds is also careful not to get too self-righteous, and is not one of those finger-wagging celebrities telling you how to live your life. He prefers to put the word out quietly, through the exciting mediums of interpretive dance and Japanese hand fans.”

On growing up the youngest of four brothers: “He spent a great deal of time with his older brothers and, in turn, his brothers were very close to him. Usually within striking distance”.

To read the actor’s full biography of himself, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on news stands today.

Check out Reynold's sexy EW cover from June 17, 2009, after the jump ...