cercole460copy.jpgBritish pop star Cheryl Cole may have to fight for her $1 million paycheck!

The singer's short-lived gig at X Factor lasted just four days, but the production company doesn't want to foot the bill for the fired judge.

Cole still wants to be paid for the work she was contracted to do, "as a matter of principle", according to THR. The Girls Aloud singer bought a house in Los Angeles, and moved her entire life to the states, only to be let go shortly after arriving.

Since Cole was a part of the beginning of the show, there is really no way to avoid showing her on camera, so she will be called a "guest judge" when the US X Factor airs.

The show's executive producer Richard Holloway revealed of deciding to show the fired singer: “Yes, of course Cheryl will be on the American show, she did auditions in two cities and we will reflect that.”

Cole has been laying low in the UK after the firing, and has turned down an opportunity to reclaim her old job on the original X Factor.