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It was a chaotic day on Today this morning as Ann Curry tried to play babysitter and reporter at the same time.

Curry was attempting to interview Nadya "Octomom" Suleman, and her octoplets were making their first live TV debut. Unfortunately 2-1/2-year-olds are apparently not the optimal age for sit-down interviews.

Suleman's children ran all over the set, with Curry having to get up and chase one down at one point! It's adorably ridiculous to watch poor Ann try to ask Nadya serious questions while literally chasing down the kids at the same time!

The mom of 14 was on the show to clear up some rumors -- one being that she's on public assistance. Today said that it costs Suleman $15,000 a month to support her kids, but she says she's never been on public assistance programs, and instead makes her money via celebrity appearances and being a personal trainer. Saisd Suleman:

    "I’ve never in my life been on (public assistance), and I never would. I would feel like a failure as a mother and as a human being."

A recent issue of In Touch magazine also claimed that Suleman had said she "hates" her babies -- Suleman came out saying the interview was fabricated.