BowWowBaby230.jpg24-year-old BowWow revealed via his website that he is a dad, and also touched on his struggles with fame, which he says have given him suicidal thoughts at times.

The rapper/actor wrote:

    "For the past 3 years i been batteling life. Even thought about taking my own. I felt like as a kid i did everything and saw everything too fast which spoiled my adult years. I felt as if i had no purpose to live(Thinking selfishly) until god gave me the illest gift of my life ... my lil girl."

He admits that he was "nervous" about how fans would react to the news, but says his daughter -- whose name and age he does not reveal -- has made him "into a man overnight," even inspiring him to treat his mother better.

BowWow says he wont be posting many pictures of her because he doesn't want her to be confronted with fame like he was at a young age (he released his first album as Lil' BowWow at just age 13.) He says: " ... i want my boo boo to have everything i didnt. Want her to be able to cheerlead with her lil friends ... I know how fame is. I missed out on so much ..."

And, while BowWow also doesn't reveal the mother of his child, he does talk about some baby mama drama he's apparently having.

    "I want her to live with me so bad. ... Baby gotta stay with they momma and all dat bull. I hate that! ... The bs that comes with having a baby momma is expected. ... try not let her get the best of my feelings by playin them stupid games."

But has BowWow really learned how to stay out of drama with women? Read what he said about his womanizing ways in a video on his site after the jump!