CDion111807_01_X17230.jpgCeline Dion has finally had enough of the website, "Ridiculous Pictures of Celine Dion", and she's taking legal action.

The beloved songstress's attorneys issued a cease and desist letter to the site's administrator, which promptly lead to its closure, according to The Guardian.

The site's founder, Nick Angiolillo, explained of the now-defunct site:

    “Celine Dion found our blog, and she didn’t like it though this blog is well within the realm of ‘fair use’, i don’t have the money or time to get a lawyer to respond. the dream is over. Thanks for following and being a Celine super-fan.”

Angiolillo also says he plans to frame the letter Dion's lawyers sent him.

R.I.P., "Ridiculous Pictures of Celine Dion"!