kjenner091010_07_X17230new.jpgKris Jenner wants to make sure she looks her absolute best for daughter Kim Kardashian's wedding next month to fiance Kris Humphries ... so Kris went straight to the family's plastic surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher for a facelift.

Dr. Fisher tells X17online exclusively:

    "To be even more beautiful for Kim's wedding, I performed a Format Face Pinnacle Lift on Kris Jenner. This is a very customized premium quality, natural face rejuvenation procedure designed to freshen up and open the eyes, elevate the cheeks, and provide youthful contours to the jawline and neck."

Kris' husband Bruce Jenner made headlines two years ago when he underwent a corrective facelift ... and we have to admit, Kim's stepdad looks fab! Looks like Mr. and Mrs. Jenner are ready for the big wedding reportedly taking place on August 20.

Dr. Fisher adds:

    "This procedure allows quick healing. She looked gorgeous before of course and looks absolutely stunning now and is very happy with the results. You can watch every detail of the surgery on Keeping Up With The Kardashians."

Thanks, doc. We'll be watching! Read more about Kris' Format Face Pinnacle Lift ... after the jump.