The announcement of Jennifer Lopez, 41, and Marc Anthony's split on Friday came as a shock to much of Hollywood (though X17's sources had been giving us the inside scoop for months.)

The couple even gave an interview about their marriage to Latina magazine just a few weeks ago ... though the interviews were conducted separately ... which seems so telling now.

JLoBAFTAALone230.jpgIn the interview, Jennifer seems adamant that readers know she's a good mother and wife, saying:

    "I do cook, I do lay out Marc’s clothes, I do pack him when he’s about to go away. I do care, I do do things that are going to make their lives better, easier. I do hold them [Max and Emme] when they’re crying—all those things that you do as a mother and a wife are so much more rewarding than anything else in life."

Apparently, Jen do. The singer continued:

    " ... my biggest joys in life are being able to be a good mom, the moments when I can say, ‘Ah, I was a good mom right there! I did something right for my kids. Or, 'you know what, I’m a good wife.’"

As for what makes a good relationship, Jen said, " ... it’s just about caring. To say how to care for somebody is a long list, but that’s really what it takes."

So, either caring turned out not to be enough ... or Jen didn't care about Marc, 42, anymore. In his interview, Marc reminisced about happier times, like the first duet he sang with his wife. "We had just met and it was such a hopeful time," he said. "There were a lot of things that we hadn't seen yet in life — not being together ... it was just a magical time."

At a concert Sunday, that magic was seemingly gone. Anthony told the crowd at a performance in Colombia, "They say I am a single man."

The same day Jen was spotted at an LA studio to do a photo shoot for her Kohl's clothing line's fall ad campaign.

The first public sign of their breakup is now thought to be the BAFTA Brits to Watch 2011 gala on July 9, to which Jen (above) showed up without Marc ... and without her wedding ring.

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