jlopez072011_230.jpgWhat do you do when your marriage is crumbling? Sing at someone else's nuptials!

Just days after announcing her separation from hubby Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez made a special appearance in the Ukraine. The American Idol judge sang at oil tycoon Azam Aslmov's son's wedding for a cool $1 million, according to the country's newspaper Segodnya.

The nuptials are said to have taken place at the Crimean Aivazovskii Hotel, along the coast of the Black Sea. The hotel was cleared out for the event - all staff was sent away and no visitors were allowed from July 17-20.

There were several hundred guests at the multimillion-dollar affair, and J.Lo was no slouch herself - she brought backup dancers and singers along with 20 tons of sound equipment with her to the lavish affair.

Here's to hoping that unlike her last trip to Europe, there were no wardrobe malfunctions this time around. What crazy thing did happen in Ukraine? Find out ... after the jump.