Khloe Kardashian threw sis Kim a last-minute engagement party a few months back, and now she's posted some photos from inside the soiree.

The get-together was fam-and-friends only, and it looked like a great time! The Kardashians know how to have fun together, after all! Kim and fiance Kris Humphries look happily surprised.

Khloe, who hosted the party at her house, wrote on her blog:

    "It was insane how quickly we threw it together — we decided on a Monday that we were going to have it and then it took place that Thursday! We are nuts but we all have such busy schedules that this was the ONLY time we could all do it. Even with just three days to pull it together, the party turned out fab and Kimmie and Kris loved it, which made me so happy!"

Check out all the photos from the bash in our gallery below!