While Lindsay's court appearance Thursday morning (above) went off without much drama, in courts elsewhere, trouble was brewing.

Dawn Bradley (formerly Dawn Holland), the Betty Ford rehab center employee who claimed Lindsay, 25, attacked her while in rehab last year, filed a $1 million lawsuit against Lohan Thursday morning.

The suit comes after Lindsay expressed in her progress hearing that she was having financial troubles -- so much so that she had not enrolled in private psychological counseling because, her attorney said, Lohan couldn't pay for it.

"I find it hard to believe that she can't afford counseling," said Los Angeles city prosecutor Melanie Chavira.

DawnBradleyHollandmillionlawsuit230.jpgBradley (left) was fired from Betty Ford after the incident, which occurred in December of last year.

Bradley claims that Lindsay yelled at her, threw a phone at her and grabbed and twisted her wrist after she asked Lindsay to take a breathalyzer test. Bradley suspected Lohan had gone off of clinic property and drank alcohol.

Bradley claims she suffered "significant injury" to her wrist as well as "post-traumatic stress syndrome requiring several therapy sessions." She wants $1 million plus medical expenses.

Earlier this year, prosecutors in Riverside County decided not to file criminal charges against Lohan over Bradley's allegations due to insufficient evidence.