mlohan042211_01_X17230WM.jpgLindsay Lohan's dad, Michael, is breaking his silence regarding his ex Dina Lohan ... whom he is calling a "deadbeat mother."

Papa Lohan is reacting to Dina's recent Twitter message: "My x husband is a deadbeat dad so sad a father doesnt support his children !!!!"

Michael tells X17online exclusively:

    "For Dina and "her management team" to call me a deadbeat on twitter, not only do I have to laugh but prove what a deadbeat mother and person she is. What mother alienates her kids from their ONLY father and lies about him to her kids in order to drive a wedge between them."

Lohan, who says he has remained up to date with his child support, adds:

    "Lindsay's management team let her SAG dues lapse, which put her in this position, tells me that it's all about them taking their money and leaving Lindsay out to dry. Is this another form of conservatorship, like the one imposed on Britney Spears, but without going to court? WAKE UP LINDS, you know better.

Dina Lohan has not been available for comment. Read what else Michael had to say about his ex ... after the jump.