Miley Cyrus made a real commitment to supported gay marriage rights with a new tattoo on her middle finger -- an equal sign like the one in the campaign launched by the Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby.

The singer-actress Tweeted this shot and wrote: "All LOVE is equal."

Just a week ago when Casey Anthony was acquitted for the murder of her daughter Caylee in Florida, Miley Tweeted: "You know the world is skewed when people get away with murdering children, but we can't get gay marriage legalized in the state of California."

This is Miley's seventh tattoo. X17 got these great shots of one of her last additions -- a huge dreamcatcher on the right side of her torso -- CLICK HERE to see that gallery.

UPDATE (8.1.11 3:20 p.m. PST): Since getting the tat, Miley has gotten some backlash on Twitter from her conservative fans. She responded to one such fan: "Where does it say in the bible to judge others? Oh right. It doesn't. GOD is the only judge honey. GOD is love."

Cyrus took down her Twitter account last year after getting hateful comments for her support of gay marriage. She returned to the social networking site earlier this year.