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After a riot broke out on Hollywood Blvd. Wednesday night during the Electric Daisy premiere/block party, cops were out in full force to protect Lady Gaga from the same fate -- but fortunately the riot gear wasn't necessary.

The Edge of Glory singer performed six songs instead of her scheduled three, to thank her fans for being peaceful at the free outdoor concert, and even climbed a fence to get closer to them!

The Lady also opened up to Kimmel, before the concert, on what she likes to cook while on tour. The singer expressed, “I’m really great at making a traditional fennel red gravy, it’s a fresh pomodoro sauce. I make it for the producers a lot on the road, because they actually followed me on the tour bus- we built a studio bus with all of our equipment so that I could record."

Sounds delish!

Check out Gaga's full interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, after the jump ...